Seminar: ‘Experiencing and Celebrating Fatness’. Part of the ESRC Seminar Series ‘Fat Studies and Health At Every Size: Bigness Beyond Obesity’

18th-19th November 2010
The Hopkins Room, Stratford Library, 3 The Grove, Stratford, London E15 1EL
Organised by: Charlotte Cooper, Bethan Evans and Shirlene Badger

Registration is now closed but further details of the seminar series (and presentations from previous seminars can be found at:

Confirmed speakers and titles include:

Keynote: Sondra Solovay, San Francisco Law School, attorney and fat activist
‘Fat Panic and the Real Epidemic’

  • Stacy Bias, Fat & Body Image Activist & Campus Speaker, Portland: ‘Event based activism: creating community through art and adventure’
  • Dr Hannele Harjunen, University of Jyväskylä: ‘Travelling concepts: when fat studies came to Finland’
  • Kay Hyatt, Big Bum Jumble, London: ‘DIY Fat Activism and The Big Bum Jumble’
  • Dr Samantha Murray, Macquarie University: ‘This Fat Girl’s Getting Back in the Water: (Re)Thinking dialogue between fat scholarship and activism’
  • Kim Singleton, University of Liverpool: ‘Gluttons for punishment: the perverse practices of social inclusion’
  • Caroline Walters, University of Exeter: ”Padded kink’: a critique of visual representations of fat BDSM’
  • Dr Rachel White, University of Westminster: ‘No Fat Future? The uses of anti-social queer theory for fat activism’
  • Mike Wyeld, Bears Against Bigotry: ‘Bears Against Bigotry Pecha Kucha’

We will be screening a short film, and presenting A Fat Queer and Trans Timeline for discussion. Please note: you can use the hashtag #esrcfatstudies if you Tweet the seminar.

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