Interdisciplinary GoHWell Reading Group 2011-12

Jayne Sellick writes: I just want to raise awareness of the Geographies of Health and Well-being (GoHWell) Reading Group and emphasise its interdisciplinary and welcoming approach. Despite the title, GoHWell is a multiple venture and encompasses the interests of researchers (staff and students alike) who are based in the Centre for Medical Humanities; the Wolfson Research Institute; the Institute for Hazard Risk and Resilience (IHRR); as well as the Department of Geography.

However, this is not an exclusive group and as co-facilitator for the Michaelmas Term, alongside Abi Mc-Niven in the Epiphany Term, and Jo Cairns in the Easter Term, we would very much like you to come along, find out what plans we have discussed and share your ideas for the year ahead. Broadly speaking we do not have a standard set of practices but instead encourage and promote:

* A comfortable, relaxing and open environment;
* Alternative formats to discuss a topic or address a problem or question you are working on – this could be research based or just an interest;
* A non-pressured environment, where you can suggest the material and not be expected to take control of the session;
* A setting that encourages discussion and reflects the vast (and similar) interests of the group in order to draw connections between disciplines, people and topics;
* Termly theme setting to reflect the up-to-date and changing nature of people’s ideas and interests.

If you would like to know more about this collaborative venture, please get in touch with me, Jayne Sellick.

The next reading group is on Wed 16th November between 12-1pm in IHRR 318, where in (M)ovember (in recognition of prostrate and testicular cancer – we will be selling yummy cakes and wearing silly moustashes) the theme is **Non-Representational Approaches to Disability and Health**. The two papers are available on the GoHWell website:

(M)ovember Readings
Macpherson (2010) Non-Reprenesentational Approaches to Body-Landscape Relations
Bondi (2005) Making Connections and Thinking through Emotions: Between Geography and Psychotherapy.

Please RSVP by Wed 9 (M)ovember.

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