Madness from the Outside In – Professor Gail Hornstein (CMH Seminar, 25 Jan 2012, Durham University)

Madness from the Outside In

Prof Gail A Hornstein

Professor of Psychology Mount Holyoke College

Wednesday 25 Jan, 5.15 St Chad’s Chapel & SCR
Followed by wine & canapés

How can we picture disturbed mental states?  Is there some sign, some subtle indicator that can portray the madness in a person’s mind?  This illustrated talk will compare a range of visual approaches to this question, both historical and contemporary, emphasizing differences between the external standpoint of psychiatrists and subjective depictions by sufferers of their own psychological lives.

Professor Gail A. Hornstein is Professor of Psychology at Mount Holyoke College (Massachusetts, USA) and is a visiting fellow of the Durham Institute of Advanced Study in connection with the Hearing the Voice Project. Her research spans the history of twentieth-century psychology, psychiatry and psychoanalysis. She studied at the University of Pittsburgh and Clark University, and has been a visiting fellow at Harvard, Berkeley, Cambridge, Oxford and the University of London.

Her written works are used as a core text in psychoanalytic training by researchers, clinicians and educators around the world. Hornstein’s most recent book Agnes’ Jacket: A Psychologist’s Search for the Meanings of Madness, shows how the insights of those diagnosed as ‘schizophrenic’, ‘bipolar’, ‘depressed’ and ‘paranoid’ can help us reconceive fundamental assumptions about madness, treatment and mental life.

For more information about this event please download the Madness from the Outside in Flyer or contact Polly De Giorgi. All welcome.


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