Tilery Lanterns 2012

As reported last year, Tilery primary school is the nearest to Durham University’s Stockton campus, and the Centre has built a strong relationship with the staff, pupils and community. February 2nd will see the fourth Tilery Lantern Parade, created with a view to hold an annual community event that will become a local tradition, with an emphasis on communal health and well-being.

This year’s lantern-making workshops are now underway and the parade will hopefully not be postponed due to high winds, as was the case last year…

There have been several sad bereavements in the Tilery community of later, and so this year there will be lanterns expressing remembrance and celebration of lives lost. These will be carried alongside a cornucopia of images; the moon and stars, rockets, prams and Harry Potter will jostle with a host of house-shapes made by the children. All life will be there!

Tomorrow, the blog proper will begin; this year I will be joined by parents, teachers and children for a week of telling all as we go along.


About Mary Robson

Mary is the Arts in Health and Education Associate at the Centre for Medical Humanities.
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