Tilery Lanterns 2012 – The night before…

It has been a hectic two days down at Tilery; lanterns have been finished off and papered at quite a rate.

The Tilery Carp

There are now some mighty creatures at home in Portrack Lane. The carp is finally ready, with paper outlines on its fins and orange cellophane-tinted lights. Its makers have been debating the finer points of design and lighting as the days have gone by… This morning, there was a tired cry of

Next year we’ll go for something simple…

Swiftly followed by acknowledgement that that won’t happen.

There has been a purposeful, collaborative atmosphere in the workshop for the last couple of days. It has been so full that at times we have had to ask folk to return the following day.

The Stegasaurus

At one point, we had a Stegasaurus in the tea room. We have school staff seconded to help us this week, including Mrs Robinson, who was one of the parents/staff that Mr Repton brought to visit Southwick Lanterns over five years ago and who said

We’ve got to have this at Tilery!

The Tilery Team is a big one – artists, school staff, pupils and their families – and we all roll along together, getting things done. Today’s tasks included Years 5 and 6 covering their large lanterns and helping younger children get theirs finished; a host of parents and families finishing their creations; covering the Star of Remembrance and affixing the messages that have been collected.

The Star of Remembrance

Appropriately enough, Mrs Robinson, a Yr 6 girl and I worked on the latter at the end of the day, when the workshop was quieter than it had been all day.  We gently glued the messages on, one by one, carefully and respectfully reading them as we went.  Some anonymous, some generic, some poignantly specific. This lantern will be carefully sited in the yard – it won’t be taken on the parade but will stand sentinel until we return.

About Mary Robson

Mary is a Creative Facilitator. She works at the Institute of Medical Humanities at Durham University and in a freelance capacity.
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9 Responses to Tilery Lanterns 2012 – The night before…

  1. Wow! Lanterns have come a long way – what fabulous creations. I do hope the snow keeps off for you all tomorrow. Have a wonderful time.

  2. Angela Woods says:

    It sounds as though it has been quite a ride….and looks like an incredible line up of lanterns. I hope it goes really brilliantly tonight and can’t wait to hear more! Best wishes to all at Tilery.

  3. Mike says:


  4. David Doyle says:

    Dear Kids of Tilery.. have the most brilliant night. Your lanterns are just beautiful. Go light up the streets and have a hoot. Best from me and all at DADAA Western Australia.

    Cheers David Doyle

  5. In Australia, we love lanterns. In regional areas we don’t have much light after dark and the stars in the sky are so much brighter than in the towns. We love that starry blanket overhead. And lanterns are a beautiful way to light up the sky further and light up peoples’ faces and make everyone feel grand and warm and connected.
    The lanterns you have created for the Tilery parade are simply amazing. I live near a river where the dolphins glide by every morning and at night time. So I love your large fish lanterns. They are images of water creatures illuminated from within. That is just what lanterns are all about. Showing the special part of a person or animal or flower or object. When you walk in the lantern parade, all the special parts of the people who made those lanterns and who walk in the parade will shine through and make the event extra special. Congratulations to everyone who has made the Tilery Parade a super duper event that the whole world will see. Wow. And we can’t wait to show your parade photos on our website. Have a wonderful parade and enjoy yourselves. Best wishes from Australia. Margret Meagher

  6. Kate Wells says:

    Dear Kids of Tilery

    Enjoy your special night! Bob and I are so envious of you on the Lantern Festival walk tonight! Greetings from down here in Durban, South Africa. We send our warm love to all of you, and really wish we were there with you at this most wonderful, joyous, uplifting parade! We will never forget our first Lantern Festival with you all! Fondest love, Kate + Bob XX

  7. Carrie says:

    Wow! Good people of Tilery, your lanterns look amazing! I hope the parade was a lot of fun and that it wasn’t too cold. Here in New York City there are so many lights it never seems to be dark out. I would have loved to be there to see your lanterns light up the sky.

    Best wishes from America,

    Carrie McGee

  8. Ana Rosas Mantecón says:

    Dear kids of Tilery

    You must be sleeping now while I write to you, with soft lanterns lighting your dreams. I just saw some of the photos of your Lantern parade and wanted to send you warm greetings from Mexico. It’s amazing what you did, You showed us that art comforts, unites us, makes life more beautiful and worth living. I would love to bring some Mexican children and be part of your parade some day.
    Best wishes, Ana

  9. janette gosling says:

    Took me a while to get here, but here now, i enjoyed it yet again, fab working with all the different people, had a brilliant time making the The Stegasaurus, it was big and the Dragon and Harry Potter, and i miss it all, thinking what to make next year, cant wait , i might even try my hand at Hog Warts castle next year, such a wonderful happy event,

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