Medicine Health and Music (Medicine, Health and the Arts in Post-War Britain Seminar Series, Exeter, 1 May 2012)

The third seminar in the ‘Medicine, Health and the Arts in Post-War Britain‘ seminar series examines the relationship between medicine, health and music. It is being held at St Nicholas Priory in Exeter on the 1st May from 6.15-8.45pm. This time includes three papers, discussion and a reception with free food and drink. The seminar is funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Centre for Medical History at the University of Exeter so it is free to attend, but spaces are limited to thirty so must be booked in advance. There are three speakers who, between them, will examine the reciprocal relationship between medicine/health and music in Post-War Britain, as follows:

  • Paul Robertson (Music, Mind, Spirit): ‘Doctors, Patients, Scientists and Musicians: Post-War Protagonists and Dialogue’
  • Zack Moir (University of Edinburgh): ‘The Impact of Health on Musical Experience in Post-War Britain: Cochlear Implant Users’
  • Helen Odell-Miller (Anglia Ruskin University): ‘The Development of Clinical Music Therapy in Post-War Britain as a Profession in Mental Health Practice: Music, Health and Therapy’

Further information about this seminar and the seminar series can be found the seminar series website. For all enquiries or any further information on the seminars, please contact Sam Goodman or Victoria Bates.

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