Drama and Medicine (Medicine, Health and the Arts in Post-War Britain Seminar Series, Exeter, 25 May 2012)

The fourth seminar in the ‘Medicine, Health and the Arts in Post-War Britain‘ seminar series examines the relationship between medicine, health and drama and is being held at St Nicholas Priory in Exeter on Friday 25th May from 6.15-8.45pm. This time includes three papers, discussion and a reception with free food and drink. The seminar is funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Centre for Medical History at the University of Exeter so it is free to attend, but spaces are limited to thirty so must be booked in advance.

There are three speakers who, between them, will examine the reciprocal relationship between medicine/health and drama in Britain since 1945, as follows:

  • Polly Wright (University of Birmingham; ‘The Play’s the Thing: Or is it? The Uses of Drama as an Educational and Research Tool in Medical and Health settings’
  • Jessica Beck (University of Exeter): ‘The Influence of Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience on Professional Theatre Practice in Post-War Britain’
  • Phil Jones (Institute of Education): ‘Medical Humanities, Theatre and Therapy: Post-War Discourses and Practices’

Podcasts are now available online for interested parties who were unable to attend the second seminar, on Medicine and Literature, which was held in Bristol on 16th March. Further information about this seminar and the seminar series can be found the seminar series website. For all enquiries or any further information on the seminars, please contact Sam Goodman or Victoria Bates.

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