Securities and Insecurities: Experiences of Mental (Ill)Health: Notes from the RGS-IBG Edinburgh Conference

Cheryl McGeachan writes: At the RGS-IBG (Royal Geographical Society- Institute of British Geographers) Conference that took place in Edinburgh last month, Dr. Geraldine Perriam (University of Glasgow) and I co-convened a wonderfully diverse set of sessions entitled ‘Securities and Insecurities: Experiences of Mental (Ill)Health”, the papers from which may be of interest to scholars and practitioners in the medical humanities:

  • David Beckingham, Between inebriety and insanity: the treatment of drunkness in Scotland, 1879-1914
  • Ebba Högström, Kaleidoscopic spaces: discursive and material spatial practices in Swedish decentralised mental health care
  • Simon Moreton, (Re)drawing representations of mental health; comics, sequential art and graphic narratives
  • Kim Ross, Landscapes of Care: How Glasgow negotiated the ‘Asylum Age’
  • Michaela Edwards, Coping in the workplace: A geographical social construction?
  • Candice Boyd, Melissa Thurley and Cameron Duff, On the role of enabling places in young people’s recovery from mental illness
  • Heather Milne, “Safer walking” and access to the outdoor environment in dementia care: experiences of using GPS tracking technology
  • Friederike Ziegler, “I’m not really depressed, am I?”: uncertainty in the interviewer-patient relationship in mental health research

Also on display at the conference were a considerable range of papers on ‘ontological insecurity’, with many using R.D. Laing’s work as a theoretical trigger for their own research discussions:

  • Cheryl McGeachan, ‘The world is full of big bad wolves’: ‘policing’ sanity, madness and the family
  • Liz Bondi, Insecure selves/feeling insecurities: exploring boundaries, spaces and liminalities psychoanalytically
  • Louise Waite and Gill Valentine, Multiply vulnerable/precarious populations: creating a politics of compassion from the ‘capacity to hurt’

Full details of all the papers here can be found on the Conference webpage.


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