Competing Knowledges of the Young Sexual Body (First in a Seminar Series, Anglia Ruskin, 2 November 2012)

ESRC Seminar Series: Competing knowledges of the young sexual body

Friday 2 November 2012, 11:00-16:30
Anglia Ruskin University, East Road campus, Cambridge, Mellish Building, Room 206

Programme includes the following presentations:
*         Dr Susan Walker will introduce the seminar and outline the complex and often strained relationship between biomedical and sociological understandings of sexual health.
*         Dr Pauline Brinblecombe will discuss ‘troublesome’ areas of sexual health provision from a GP perspective.
*         Dr Liz Bradbury will consider embodiment and agency in the context of masculine practices of contraception.
*         Dr Celia Roberts will address social and scientific accounts of how we become sexual beings.
*         Professor Margrit Shildrick, whose work has addressed the implicitly masculine embodied subject of biomedicine and the theme of the monstrous body, will address these themes in the context of sexual health.
*         Dr Tam Sanger (post Doctoral fellow) will consider the transgendered body in the field of sexual health.

Please see further details and booking arrangements here.

Convenors: Dr. Lesley Hoggart, Dr. Susan Walker, Prof. Emma Renold, Dr. Jessica Ringrose and Dr. Ofra Koffman


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