Media Ethics & Emotional Wellbeing (Symposium, London, 10 November 2012)


One day Symposium: 10 November 2012
9.30am – 4.30pm

At the Anna Freud Centre, London NW3.

Organised in conjunction with Media and the Inner World, Love Productions and Blink Films, a symposium on the theme of ‘Media Ethics and Emotional Wellbeing’.

Given the fact that the media are now so closely entwined with everyday life, this symposium will explore the emotional and ethical responsibilities involved, offering a particular emphasis on the psychological dimensions of the debate. Our event aims to provide space to consider how the psychological and emotional impact of both participation in and consumption of the popular media could be improved with reference to psychoanalytical perspectives on the experiences entailed.

The symposium will consist of three round table panels:

Panel 1: Press Matters: ‘Perspectives from the Press and its Subjects’

Panel 2: TV Matters: Perspectives from Broadcasters and Their Subjects

Panel 3: Regulation Matters: Reflections on the ethical and moral responsibilities of the press and broadcasters in relation to the emotional wellbeing of individuals, social groups and the nation.

We are delighted to have the following confirmed speakers and chairs in place:

• Evan Harris, former Liberal Democrat MP and Campaign Adviser for Hacked Off
• Tim Gardam, Principal of St Anne’s College, Oxford and Chair of the Content Board of OFCOM
• Sally Weintrobe, Psychoanalyst
• Susanna Rustin, Journalist, The Guardian
• Dan Chambers, Executive Producer, Blink Films
• David Aaronovitch, Broadcaster and Journalist, The Times
• John Ellis, Professor of Media Arts, Royal Holloway, University of London
• Laverne Antrobus, Child and Educational Psychologist and broadcaster/consultant
• Lisa Appignanesi, Writer, Broadcaster and former chair of English PEN
• Richard McKerrow, Creative Director, Love Productions
• Brett Kahr, Psychotherapist, Writer, and Broadcaster

Other speakers to be announced.

For further information, including online registration (N.B. there are registration fees), click here.

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