“Cost of Living” (New Blog, Sociology of Medicine, Health & Healthcare)

The Cost of Living is a blog about the sociology of medicine, health and health care. It was launched last month.  Since then the blog has had features, and comments on:

Badgers, TB and Uncertainty
Contingency, technology and NHS working
Privatisation and the Health and Social Care Act
Ethics, rationing and blind decisions
Zoonotic Disease and public health
Shock advertising and public health
Jeremy Hunt and the implications for the NHS
Cycling, cars and health
Gender and sexuality in ‘Homeland’
Sunlight, Health and skin cancer
The protection of employment rights in the ‘new’ NHS
The poly-pill and medication compliance
Extreme breastfeeding
Heart disease and population risk treatment
Infection and Zombies
Nurses and graduate education

The blog has also had contemporary reviews of exhibitions, television and

The editors are currently seeking contributions from authors.  if you wish to
write a brief piece (350-1000 words) please see the author guidelines on the site.  Also feel free to contact one of the managing editors to discuss your ideas. You can also follow the blog on twitter: @Cost_ofLiving

Managing editors:
Simon Carter
Ewen Speed


About Centre for Medical Humanities

Centre for Medical Humanities
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