Deepening the Discussion: Arts, humanities & the social sciences in the education of health professionals (CFP, Symposium, Québec City, 19-20 April 2013)

Creating Space III: Deepening the Discussion

Arts, Humanities and the Social Sciences in the Education of Health Professionals

The AHSSM (Art, Humanities, and Social Sciences in Medicine) Educational Interest Group is pleased to announce that a symposium will be held on April 19 – 20, 2013 in conjunction with the CCME in Québec City. This meeting follows the very successful Creating Space I and Creating Space II meetings held in 2011 (Toronto) and in 2012 (Banff), respectively. The first conference was designed to ‘take the pulse’ of the teaching, learning and evaluative strategies as well as the research approaches used by humanities scholars in health professional education and health care settings. It was held in partnership with a parallel conference specifically dedicated to exploring the social science perspectives on health professional education. The second conference, while retaining a broad scope on contributions from colleagues in the arts, humanities and social sciences, focused on reflective practice. It engaged in a dialogue on strategies to promote self-reflection, particularly through diverse narrative-based methods.

The upcoming conference, while remaining inclusive and attuned to the value of community-building in this field, desires to prompt a critical look at the pedagogic and clinical “spaces” that are imagined or created by the disciplines of the medical humanities, performing and visual arts and the social sciences.

This symposium, which we expect to be interprofessional (i.e. in terms of content, process and contributors), will explore critical and theoretical framings for our work in these areas. It will pose provocative questions such as: Are the pedagogic spaces that we are attempting to create personal, or shared, open or exclusive? Are they expanding, exploding or collapsing spaces? Do they constitute spaces that need protection or justification? Are they squeezed and rendered “instrumentalist” and if so, by whom? Who revels in these spaces, and who objects to them – and why? What hidden metaphors, language and power structures characterize, or serve to locate and define these spaces?

Our anticipated themes this year include: patient, student and clinician written/performed/visual narratives; arts-based teaching and learning; the hidden curriculum; simulation settings; the patient experience; and cultures and societies. Additional themes will emanate from the submissions received.

A second aim of the conference is to provide continued opportunities for colleagues to share with each other and with AHSSM, their explorations, successes and struggles with respect to pedagogy, program development and delivery, and scholarly inquiry.  Given the relatively new, still evolving interdisciplinary field of the medical/ health humanities, the program organizers are committed to creating an environment that is both inclusive and inter-disciplinary and to providing authentic support for the young scholarly community in Canada.

We invite all those interested to submit an abstract of not more than 300 words by noon, Saturday, December 15, 2012.  Following a careful abstract review process by the organizing committee for this year’s conference, individuals will be invited to give an oral or poster presentation (email notifications will be sent to submitters on January 15, 2013).  All presenters will be required to register for the symposium, paying a modest fee of $100 per presenter.  Medical students/health professional students/ residents/ graduate students who wish to attend the conference will be asked to pay a reduced fee of $50.

Additional information about the Creating Space III symposium will be available both via the AHSSM listserve and website.

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