Affect, memory, and the transmission of trauma (CFP, Conference, London, 15 March 2013)

Call For Papers:

Affect, memory, and the transmission of trauma

15 March 2013

Goldsmiths College, London

Keynote speakers:

Professor Valerie Walkerdine, Cardiff University and

Dr. Lisa Blackman, Goldsmiths College

This interdisciplinary conference explores the connections between affect, memory, and trauma, and examines their crucial role in how we construct our individual and collective identities. We aspire to establish ongoing dialogues that reconsider memory as a productive and performative process as embodied, emplaced, and stretching across time and space.

Memory is a dynamic, mercurial and entangled process.  Within memories of our personal and communal histories, recalled facts can become indistinguishable from remembered fictions. What we remember of such histories changes as we acquire newer memories and experiences from the present and its daily encounters. Memories of traumatic experiences from the distant or recent past are embodied in our present, and they rewrite how we construct the possibilities for the future. What we remember of our traumatic histories is prone to disobey cognitive conventions, as memories shape our fantasies of the past and imaginings of our future. Through remembrances of trauma and the past, affect is embodied, transmitted, and situated within the silences and gaps of forgotten memory, throughout physical space, and also across chronological time.

These interdisciplinary conversations are due and tied to the growing interest of the ‘turn to affect’ in cultural studies, and across the arts and humanities in the last two decades.  We hope to establish dialogues that challenge us to re-consider and re-imagine new ways to envision the fields of affect, memory, and trauma studies.

We invite proposals that explore the diverse practices of Affect and Memory, as articulated through the arts and humanities, media, film, social sciences and other scholarship connected to these areas.

While we welcome traditional academic papers, we do encourage creative methods of delivery, including performance and visual arts approaches.

We welcome individual abstracts of 250 words; send here.

by November 30, 2012

Presenters may wish to consider, but are not limited to, discussing the following topics:

●      Transgenerational trauma and diaspora

●      Unconscious memory

●      Memory, space and place

●      Performative memory

●      Narratives of trauma

●      Research methodologies involving affect in the study of memory

●      Community and trauma across time

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