Conservatories and coniferous trees

ImageView from our window.

So four weeks after the initial phone call, here I am in Saltaire, England.

The first thing I’ve noticed is that being in the country of my childhood and away from my daily life makes me instantly more creative. I want to take photos and write poems and pretend things all the time! Here’s a bit from my journal from the day I arrived (Guy Fawkes Night):

Remember, remember the smell of sparklers in your fingerless-gloved hands, your breath condensing the air and the pop pop pop of fireworks along the horizon. I feel deeply happy to be back here. It’s like meeting a long lost relative. We know each other really well, not in a cerebral way… in a flesh and blood, bricks and mortar, flora and fauna kinda way.

About Poppy van Oorde-Grainger

Poppy has been working as an artist, filmmaker and community art facilitator in Australia and the U.K. since 2002. She uses a range of art forms and is particularly skilled at working with communities to create contemporary art.
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