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While I’ve been in England I’ve set up a Tumblr to collect all of my research and studio images for a project I’ve been working on this year.

You can have a look here!

Climbable Ideas
This ongoing project is an exploration around the role of architectural structures and public artworks in shaping our interactions with the city. Through this lens I am investigating the playground as a site evocative of risk-taking, bravery, elation & imagination.

Primarily through sculpture and image making I am working on a series of whimsical play structures. I am interested in child development through play, but also the broader possibilities of playful cities and spaces. I am currently researching community orientated processes and am working towards an exhibition of play sculptures and related studies.

About Renae Coles

Renae is a Perth (Aus) based artist, working between live art, sculpture and installation. Renae loves working with children and young people, usually through community art projects, and is currently working on a series of experimental play structures. In addition to being an artist, Renae works full time at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts and is a Paper Mountain Co-Director.
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