The Big Photo Post

I have been having a hyper fantastic time- my head is spinning. I have posted 20 photos below because they come easier than resolved words right now. I’ve been packing up my things today, ready to fly home on Sunday. I feel really sad! A big part of me feels as though I live here now, and that I love it!

But anyway, onward we go. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

For James: Mary taught me how to make Chickenley lanterns too!

Chickenley: We finished off a series of silk paintings with our gorgeous story tent Year Two’s.

Postcard making: And then they wrote postcards to Poppy and I, which will be posted to us- we’re going to write back! Isn’t this one heart melting?

Incy, Mary and I: Blurry photo by a year two!

Huddersfield Salon: Organised by the lovely Deborah from Open Art, this Salon featured a ridiculous amount of delicious food and an exquisite moorland location. Oh, and also great discussion (Mary will post on this!). (photo by Talya and her new iPhone!)

The Gift: The day after the Salon, Poppy and I headed out to the Deighton Estate for The Collaborator‘s (an awesome collective of artists who make films) big end-of-residency public event, as a part of an ongoing Open Art residency series called The Gift. They’ve been making films with the people that live in this estate and this was a screening of everything they’ve made + The Fantastic Mr Fox (complete with taxidermied woodland animals!). It was a truly wonderful event. Thanks Poppy, for teaching me how to take photos in the dark (clearly I am still learning!),

London: I went to London for the weekend. I saw so much art- it was overwhelming! I think I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve been working on a sculptural project that references playgrounds? Well I mentioned this to the lovely friend of Mary’s that I was staying with, and it turns out her cousin has been making adventure playgrounds for 40 years!! He is THE industry contact to have, and he took me on a private tour of lots of the playgrounds he has built and explained the London history of play structures to me! Mind. Blown. I want to come back to work with him.

Chickenley: The last lunchtime (I love these perfect oranges that come with leaves on).

Beautiful drawings!

Signing my apron

Story Tent: We finished the story tent, with silk paintings and blue birds by the year twos. Poppy and Mary checking out the finished product.

Story Tent: The kids showing the head teacher their work!

Off to Durham: After a wonderful seminar run by the Centre for Medical Humanities and a dinner with the core crew, Poppy and I got to sleep at Durham castle!

The Bishop’s Suite: My personal living quarters!

Princess bed / punk head. (photo by Poppy)

Also for James! This (Durham)….

… and this (Newcastle on Tyne)… are in response to your very familiar sunny Rottnest pics! You give us sunshine and nature, I give you cloudy cold and historically drenched architecture (which I am in love with! You can keep the sunshine!).

Apparently… this is for when it snows!

And this: is just beautiful.

So that’s where I’m at. I will post something more intellectually insightful soon, for now I hope you enjoyed the photos!


About Renae Coles

Renae is a Perth (Aus) based artist, working between live art, sculpture and installation. Renae loves working with children and young people, usually through community art projects, and is currently working on a series of experimental play structures. In addition to being an artist, Renae works full time at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts and is a Paper Mountain Co-Director.
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5 Responses to The Big Photo Post

  1. anniRaw says:

    Hi Renae, I love your reflections in pictures, thanks! sometimes it takes a curiosity-soaked visitor to help you see what surrounds you every day.
    I really hope you keep the connection with here… great to have met you! safe journey home
    Anni 🙂

  2. Renae Coles says:

    Thanks Anni! You make me want to post the photos of rubbish bins I’ve been taking! Haha. Lovely to have met you too, look forward to hearing of your PhD progression (and imminent completion?)! Best of luck with it.


  3. Jenny says:

    Renae, Thanks for this beautiful post – I have been enjoying the updates and love the photographs here today – such a sense of energy and warmth and positivity in what you are doing. And pleased our little Old Durham treated you well. I am currently developing a research project which engage with images and pictures to a much greater extent than I have done previously and this has really given me courage! All best for the next stages, Jenny

    • Renae Coles says:

      Thanks Jenny- I really loved Durham. Those students that live in the Durham Castle are so lucky! I hope they realise their privilege as they eat breakfast in their tracksuit pants in the castle’s great hall (Poppy and I were giggling as we wondered what the Prince Bishops would say about this if they could see!). Your project sounds really interesting, glad to have encouraged you! Best of luck!

  4. Betty T says:

    What lovely pictures, moments, art and work, thank you for sharing! I have always viewed art as therapy and am excited to see others sharing the tradition with our future generation.

    Must admit the story tent stands out, if only I had such an opportunity as a child. All we can do is create those opportunities for others now. I will be looking into recreating the idea, for some kids in Texas, if you don’t mind. 🙂

    I am excited to see more about your ‘series of experimental play structures’!
    I wish your greatest of wishes and happiness, keep up the great works and thank you once again.

    with love – Betty T

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