The Anatomy of Melancholy: A User’s Guide (Conference, Warwick, 26 November 2012)


Warwick Arts Centre and Stan's Cafe invite you to a mini conference - The Anatomy of Melancholy: A User's Guide
Warwick Arts Centre Logo
10:00 – 16:00
Monday 26 November 2012
The National Grid Room, Warwick Arts Centre
University of Warwick, CV1 7AL

The Anatomy of Melancholy is nearly 400 years old and 1500 pages long. It is an attempt to identify all forms of Melancholy, their causes, symptoms and cures. It is bizarre, profound, consoling, riotous and one of the greatest books ever written. Theatre company Stan’s Cafe are currently adapting this behemoth for the stage and, as part of their process, they are inviting participants to a dynamic mini-conference exploring whether this old book could work as a cure for contemporary Melancholy/Depression.

Co-hosted by Dr. Erin Sullivan of the Shakespeare Institute, the mini-conference features:
• talks from the disciplines of history, medicine, drama and philosophy.
• provocations from the text performed by Stan’s Cafe.
• open discussions.
• a collective attempt to write a contemporary Anatomy of Melancholy.

Admission to the mini-conference is free, refreshments will be provided.
All interested parties are welcome; an engaging and enlightening day is promised.
The Anatomy of Melancholy is commissioned by Warwick Arts Centre and will premiere at the arts centre 12th - 15th March 2013

Project and mini-conference supported by The Wellcome Trust. Stan’s Cafe is funded by Arts Council England.

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If you would like any further information on any aspect of Stan’s Cafe’s work please don’t hesitate to email or visit the website.

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