“Alice in Bed” by Susan Sontag (Play, Newcastle, 27 Feb – 3 March 2013)

“Alice in Bed” is a raucous, joyful play based on the life and diaries of Alice James (1848-92), sharp witted sister to Henry and William James.

In it we accompany Alice and her brilliant imagination on a captivating and ultimately transformative adventure through a wonderland populated by poets, dormice, a coupe of dancing sailors and Henry James himself.

The play asks questions about the way in which we understand illness and health in modern society and the value of subjective experience in contemporary culture.

Tender Buttons production takes place in an immersive and playful environment designed by artist Ben Jeans Houghton for The Stephenson Works. In one of Newcastle’s most historically significant buildings, the audience are invited to explore the world of Alice’s mind.

Susan Sontag’s play is a celebration of subjectivity, imagination and individuality.

For further information, visit the website.



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