University of Leeds: Postdoctoral Opportunities in Medical Humanities

There are 2 postdoctoral opportunities of relevance to medical humanities scholars currently advertised at the University of Leeds:

1. An eighteen-month postdoctoral position in the New Humanities, advertised in the School of English.

2. The University of Leeds Humanities Research Institute (LHRI) has put together up to 10 short-term postdoctoral Fellowships. These provide funding for early-career scholars to be in Leeds for 4 weeks to work towards putting together an application for an externally funded postdoc position, and special attention will be given to those applications that link to the LHRI’s research themes, of which Medical Humanities is one. Full details are here. There are two closing dates for these, in January and April 2013, and the application needs to come from a Leeds staff member and not the prospective postdoctoral student her/himself. If you wish to discuss a potential medical humanities-oriented fellowship application, please contact Professor Stuart Murray.

About Centre for Medical Humanities

Centre for Medical Humanities
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