Neurointerventions & the Law (CFP, Workshop, Hamburg, 7 March 2013)

CfA & Workshop Announcement: Neurointerventions and the law

March 7th, Faculty of Law, University of Hamburg

Progress in neuroscience has given rise to many new ethical questions and, consequently, to the new discipline of neuroethics. In the law, however, many issues –apart from the problem of free will and criminal responsibility– remain poorly analyzed, especially outside the Anglo-American common law system. The aim of the workshop is to distill some of the genuine legal aspects from the neuroethical debates and to bridge the gap between ethical and legal discourse, with a special focus on issues raised by mind/brain interventions and mental enhancement. Thus, we cordially invite legal scholars, ethicists and philosophers to submit proposal for presentations (30-40 min) on issues such as:

  • Implications of neuroscientific findings for positive law, legal doctrines and principles
  • Neuroscience & Human Rights – Cognitive Liberty / Mental Privacy
  • Cognitive, volitional, and emotional enhancement
  • Moral Enhancement and treatment of offenders / psychiatric patients
  • The (potential) role of neuroimaging in court proceedings or for purposes of public security
  • Regulation of neuroscientific research
  • The distinction between direct and indirect brain interventions and its legal, ethical and neurophilosophical significance
  • Normative problems of memory modification
  • Standards of care / liability risks for e.g. physicians administering neuroenhancements

Legitimate use of, and limits to, brain interventions, such as DBS, that possibly lead to alterations of personality traits

Please submit abstracts and a few words on your professional background and your current research interests by Feb 15th 2013 to Christoph Bublitz  

Confirmed Speakers
Amedeo Santosuosso (Judge at the Milano Court of Appeal, ECLT Pavia)
Neil Levy (Melbourne/Oxford)
Imogen Goold & Hannah Maslen (Oxford)

Of course, we warmly invite everyone working on these issues to attend. Participation is free, but as our capacities are limited, please register by Feb 15th 2013 here.

The workshop is organized by the research collaboration “Comparing Apples with Oranges” in the European Platform for Life Sciences, Mind Sciences & the Humanities, founded by the Volkswagen Foundation, which inquires into empirical, philosophical and legal issues of brain-interventions; in cooperation with the chair in criminal law and philosophy of law of Reinhard Merkel, Hamburg. The event will be followed by a day of talks on issues pertaining to German law. If you happen to speak German, you are very welcome to stay around.

Venue:    Faculty of Law // University of Hamburg  // Rothenbaumchaussee 33 // 20148 Hamburg

Contact:  For further information see this website or via above email addresses


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