Well-Being and Chronic Illness (CfP, ‘New Thinking on Living with Dying’ ARHC Network Event, 10 June, Liverpool)

Well-Being and Chronic Illness
2nd public research workshop for the AHRC network ‘New Thinking on Living with Dying’
10th June 2013
Foresight Centre: Liverpool

Confirmed participants include: Arthur Frank (Professor of Sociology, University of Calgary), Claire Colebrook (Professor Of English, Pennsylvania State University) and performance artist Liz Bentley.

We invite submissions of papers or recommendations for panel sessions which would be accessible to an interdisciplinary, public audience. Questions to consider might include:

  • How can we talk about well-being and chronic illness?
  • How is the sense of ‘who I am’ unsettled during life-limiting illness?
  • What is the relationship between remorse, loss, guilt, shame, and fear to life-limiting or chronic illness?
  • How can we accommodate new identities, bodily shapes and somatic capacities at this time?
  • Does chronic illness fit with any current disability model?
  • Is chronic illness a relational or social condition?

Please submit abstracts by Friday 8th March 2013. There is no fee for this event. For more information or for informal inquiries please contact Laura Green or visit our web site.


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Centre for Medical Humanities
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