Pollination: A look at collaborations between dancers and social scientists (Workshop, Dance City Newcastle, May 7 2013)

Pollination: A look at collaborations between dancers and social scientists

Event rescheduled from February, now to be held on Tuesday May  7
Venue:  Studio 2, Dance City, Temple Street, Newcastle NE1 4BR
Time: 11.30 – 1.30pm
Free and lunch included. All Welcome. Registration essential here.

The idea of this session would be to consider dance and movement, not only as research practice in itself, but as a research tool for other practices. How dance can be a pollinator for thinking differently, particularly in academic contexts where words are privileged over any other form of communication and learning.

The session will be led by 2 social scientists from Newcastle and Durham Universities and 2 choreographers. Together we will consider how arts practice can inform social science methodology by offering different thinking about research processes, different ways of working with research participants and other forms of presentation of research findings and data. Choreographers Tim Rubidge and Claire Pençak will bring their experience of having previously collaborated with Prof Sarah Atkinson (Durham University) and Dr Karen Scott (Newcastle University) and how their experience of cross disciplinary collaboration has energised their practice.

The session aims to:
. stimulate thinking and confidence amongst dance professionals to consider how their own practice might contribute to other fields of research as well as be stimulated by it
. to draw on specific examples of successful collaborations between social science and choreography by way of demonstration
. To provoke discussion between the social science and dance communities.
. To open up new possibilities for dance practitioners in terms of how and where they work

 The event will be of interest to anyone interested in collaboration and research.
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