This Week in Mentalists – The Human Rights Edition

The World of Mentalists

Hello there! My name’s Irena and this is my first ever contribution to the wonderful world of TWOM. Before I start, I’d just like to introduce myself in a few words. An unsuccessful blogger who didn’t last for more than a month. A descriptivist linguist and proud of it with an unhealthy interest in historical linguistics, information-structure and implicit arguments. And lastly someone who’s intimately acquainted with madness. The bulk of this week’s blog round-up is a selection of posts on the topic of human rights in relation to anti-psychiatry and the welfare of persons with psycho-social disabilities or, more colloquially, those with a lived experience of madness. I also make a short excursion into the current state and future aspirations of modern psychiatry. And as this edition draws to a close, we wind down with the latest updates of the week past from several of our mentalist bloggers.

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