Current and Future Applications of Phenomenology in Psychiatry (Workshop, Durham, 20 July 2013)

Current and Future Applications of Phenomenology in Psychiatry
Durham University
20th July 2013

As part of the celebrations marking the centenary of Karl Jaspers’ General Psychopathology, we are pleased to announce a one-day workshop at Grey College, Durham University exploring the theme Current and Future applications of Phenomenology in Psychiatry. This workshop will take place on the 20th July 2013, and is part of the three-centre symposium Philosophy and Psychiatry: The Next Hundred Years (Held at Durham, Kings College (London) and Oxford).

Speakers include:

  • Nev Jones (DePaul University) Back to the Future: Rethinking the ‘First Person’ in Phenomenological Psychopathology
  • Giovanni Stanghellini (Università di Chieti) Incomprehensibility: A New Ethics for Psychiatry
  • Tim Thornton (UCLan) TBA
  • Angela Woods and Matthew Ratcliffe (Durham University) Steps Toward a Phenomenological Analysis of Auditory Verbal Hallucinations

Registration is free but spaces are limited, so please register via email by the 20th June. We particularly welcome participation from students, health care professionals, and service users.

We are grateful to the Laces Trust for funding this workshop.

Organisers: Amanda Taylor Aiken and Hannah Bowden

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Centre for Medical Humanities
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