A Unique Summer Elective Project / Experience at the University of Alberta (May 2013)

… a collaborative design-health-community project as a summer elective (May 23rd-June 4th) at the University of Alberta

What: This collaborative project is part of an interdisciplinary Spring Session course called “Radical Imagings and Imaginings: Social Design and the Health Humanities.” Working in cross-disciplinary groups and with community partners, participants will identify critical issues and visualise design concepts and solutions for health problems. This collaborative project will be informed by the InSight 2: Engaging the Health Humanities international exhibition, May 14th to June 8th, 2013. Participants will begin their elective experience by attending the evening reception of the InSight 2 exhibition on May 23rd; and will also attend the “Design, the Health Humanities and the Community” symposium, May 24th and 25th, 2013. Then, over a 7-day period, together with design students in the Faculty of Arts, participants will learn about health communication design and research. They will explore various approaches to image-making for communication, using photographic, typographic and illustrative media and technologies to create concepts for infographics, graphic novels, banners, posters, phone applications, etc. Students will meet together weekdays from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm; individual and group work will also take place after hours. Participants will present their final concepts during InSight 2, in both physical and virtual spaces.

Eligibility: Please note that this elective is NOT restricted to University of Alberta students. Any student in the health professions from other medical schools/ universities across Canada AND elsewhere can participate in this summer elective/ project experience.

Cost:  There is no fee for registering to participate. Students are responsible for travel and accommodation costs that may be associated with their participation in the course. In addition, costs associated with collaborative design projects completed over the course of the two weeks are covered by the student participants (depending on the project, costs may range from $50-$200)

Recognition: We CAN offer summer elective recognition to our UofA medical students across the four years. Most other students would not be able to obtain credit or formal recognition for experiencing this 2-week project experience,* but could include and describe it in their CV. An EXCEPTION to this last statement is that medical students from other Canadian universities entering their 3rd or 4th year WOULD be able to apply to take this as a 2 week summer elective.* They would simply need go to visit this web site to learn more about applying to complete this as a visiting Canadian medical student in their clerkship years.

*Note: the University of Alberta, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry is unable to register medical students studying outside of Canada for *electives*, EXCEPT where a bilateral exchange has been established. However, medical students studying outside of Canada can complete this solely as a project experience.

Interested in participating? To sign up please visit this website or email Pamela Brett-MacLean for more information. The deadline for signing up is April 15th, or when maximum registration of 16 medical/ health science students has been reached.


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