‘What are the Medical Humanities for?’, Prof. Robin Downie, 30 April 2013

Leeds Centre for Medical Humanities

‘What are the medical humanities for?’
Professor Robin Downie, Philosophy, Glasgow University

Tuesday 30 April, 5pm-6pm
Centre for Medical Humanities, University of Leeds
This talk will briefly outline three central uses for the medical humanities:  examining central medical concepts – for example, evidence, measurement scales, patient choice and modes of medical attention; supplementing existing parts of medical courses – for example, communication skills or ethics, by placing them in a wider humanities context; assisting personal and professional development through the encouragement of self-awareness and individuality of mind.  Research for these functions is helpfully carried out into three areas: into the component subjects of medical humanities, such as literature, film, the fine arts and philosophy of medicine; into the

value/benefit of medical humanities for medical students/doctors; into how best to present medical humanities to medical students and doctors.  The current rise to prominence of medical humanities is to be celebrated, but…

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Centre for Medical Humanities
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