Vulnerable Consumers – Health and Wellbeing (ESRC Seminar with Arthur Frank, Edinburgh, 27 June 2013)

Online sign-up is now open for the 3rd seminar of the ESRC Vulnerable Consumer series  at University of Edinburgh Business School.

Thursday 27th June, 10am – 4pm
The Conference Room, University of Edinburgh Business School

Speakers: Arthur W. Frank, Calgary University, Marlys Mason, Oklahoma State
University and Seamus Prior, Director of Counselling and Psychotherapy,
University of Edinburgh.

Vulnerable Consumers – Health and Wellbeing. This session will focus on the
notion of patient as consumer from both an organisational and individual
perspective. The experience of illness and healthcare services will be central to a discussion which aims to highlight issues related to access and provision of medical care. The day is structured around presentations from our speakers and a panel discussion session.

The seminar is free yet is limited to 25-30 attendees. We have a competitive travel bursary of £100 for doctoral students, please contact Maria or Kathy for further details.


About Centre for Medical Humanities

Centre for Medical Humanities
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