Medical Humanities Summer School in Padua and Venice (September 8-13 2013)

Fondazione Lanza, a Center of Advanced Studies in Ethics (Padua, Italy), in collaboration
with the Chair of History of Medicine at the University of Padua and the Chair of Medical
Humanities at the Marmara University in Istanbul, is pleased to announce the first edition of the Summer Course on Medical Humanities, that will take place in Padua and Venice
from Sunday 8 to Friday 13, September 2013.

Contents: Medical Humanities and Bioethics; Charity and Its Artistical Interpretations; Medical History  and Medical Humanities; Painting, Literature, Sculpture, Architecture, Cinema and Medicine;  Arts, Medicine and Psychiatry.

To see the complete programme, to apply, and for logistic information, please, visit the
our website. The application fee is 650 euro (comprising lectures, guided tours, local transfers, and teaching materials).  Accommodation, travel, and meals expenses are not included. Please apply by 31 May 2013 – Payment: until 15 July 2013.

About Centre for Medical Humanities

Centre for Medical Humanities
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