Illness, Narrative and Phenomenology (CfP & Workshop Announcement, University of Bristol, 9 July 2013)

Illness, Narrative and Phenomenology
Tuesday 9 July 2013
Verdon-Smith Room, Institute for Advanced Studies
Royal Fort House, University of Bristol BS8 1UJ
Keynote speaker: Prof Brian Hurwitz (King’s College London)

This one-day workshop will inaugurate the Medical Humanities research cluster at the University of Bristol. We welcome papers on any area of illness narrative, phenomenology of illness, narrative medicine, and phenomenology of health from a variety of disciplinary approaches, including (but not restricted to) literature, philosophy, medicine, psychology, arts & health, death studies, medical anthropology, health research, and medical education. We welcome submissions from practitioners and researchers in any domain of health research and practice.

Please send a 400-word abstract by June 17, 2013 to both organizers: Dr Havi Carel (Philosophy) and Dr Ulrika Maude (English). Decisions will be announced by 20June, 2013.

The workshop is free and all are welcome. To register please email the organizers.

We thank the University of Bristol’s Faculty of Arts and Institute for Advanced Studies for supporting the workshop.

About Centre for Medical Humanities

Centre for Medical Humanities
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