‘What is Dragon’s Blood? And where do I get some?’

Kelley Swain

The above title/quote is one of the comments left in the guest book from last night’s event. To answer: Dragon’s blood is a resinous red pigment,  and you can probably buy it at the alchemical and extremely helpful art shop L. Cornelissen & Son near the British Museum.

I have a hunch that Eleanor Crook may have asked – she and Dr Anna Maerker joined me in a discussion following dramatic readings from Opera di Cera last night at the Gordon Museum of Pathology. It was a pleasure to blend expertise from Anna (an historian,) Eleanor (a wax-modeller,) and highlight lines from my poems – lines that had been inspired directly by their work.

The poems were performed with sensitivity by Rachael Black and Keith Hill (he performed Fontana’s obsessive, controlling character perfectly).

Curator Bill Edwards oversaw the evening, and we welcomed over 60 people into the galleried, vaulted…

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