“Feeling Space: Towards a History of Emotion, Affect, & Space” (CFP, Conference, Copenhagen, 6–7 December 2013)

Feeling Space: Towards a History of Emotion, Affect, and Space

Call for Papers

Workshop at the University of Copenhagen, December 6th and 7th 2013

Keynote speakers:

Professor Monique Scheer, University of Tübingen

and Professor Tim Cresswell from Royal Holloway University of London

The spatial dimension of emotions and affect is currently attracting increased attention among historians employing a wide range of theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches. The main goal of this workshop is to bring together historians who focus on the multiple, mutually constitutive relations between spaces and affect/emotions in different historical contexts. Spatial formations such as classrooms, cityscapes, courts, battlefields, laboratories, churches, and homes can be seen as emotionalized through different embodiedpractices. Conversely, specific locations may simultaneously enfold and shape emotions.

We would like to address questions such as: How have space, affect, and emotions interacted in different historical contexts? How and to what extent can such interactions be traced? How may historical inquiry help us understand spatial politics of emotion? We invite papers from scholars who approach these themes in different historical and geographical contexts.

Professor Monique Scheer from University of Tübingen and Professor Tim Creswell from Royal Holloway University of London will give keynote addresses.

Conveners: Assocociate Professor Dorthe Gert Simonsen University of Copenhagen, Assistant Professor Mikkel Thelle, Aarhus University, and Postdoctoral Fellow Karen Vallgårda, University of Copenhagen. The workshop is funded by

The Danish Council for Independent Research and Aarhus University.

Please send an abstract of approximately 200 words + CV and list of publications to

Karen Vallgårda:  by September 1st 2013.

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