Understanding Epistemic Injustice (CfP, Conference, 26-27 June 2014, University of Bristol)

Understanding Epistemic Injustice
26-27 June 2014
University of Bristol

Confirmed keynotes: Prof Simon Caney (Oxford), Prof Miranda Fricker (Sheffield), Prof Tamar Gendler (Yale), and Prof Rae Langton (Cambridge).

The concept of epistemic injustice was introduced by Miranda Fricker and refers to distinctively epistemic forms of injustice. It occupies a rich space at the intersections of ethics, epistemology, and feminist philosophy and is complexly related to wider issues in social and political philosophy. This two-day conference aims to explore, develop, and apply the concept of epistemic injustice, and we invite papers that explore or apply the concept of epistemic injustice, especially in relation to (i) epistemology, (ii) ethics, social and political philosophy, and (iii) feminism. We also welcome papers that offer historical and sociological perspectives, and that present case studies of epistemic injustices in domains such as healthcare or education.

Please sent a 400 word abstract by Monday 3 February 2014 to both organisers: Dr Havi Carel (Bristol) and Dr Ian James Kidd (Durham).  Decisions will be announced by 1 March 2014.

Please direct any enquiries to either of the organisers. We will endeavour to accommodate any needs such as childcare and disabled access where possible to enable participation in the conference.

Havi Carel and Ian Kidd presented on “Epistemic Injustice and Illness” at a Centre for Medical Humanities Seminar in Durham in June 2013.

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