Pedagogic Criticism (Workshops 2013-14, London)

Pedagogic Criticism
Workshops 2013-14
Institute of English Studies, Senate House, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HU

In the study of English, bodies of knowledge and pedagogic practices are inextricably linked. Subjects are produced in the dialogues of the corridor and classroom as much as in the monograph or learned journal. Professional debates embed and promote styles of pedagogy: intellectual history is simultaneously the history of educational practices. The disciplines of English are simultaneously bodies of knowledge and communities of practice, performing their own protocols for argument and dialogue. And for the disciplines to thrive and develop, these communities of practice need to be interrogated and developed.

These free workshops are not ‘educational development’ but aim to think about and open up parts of the disciplines of English that are central but rarely discussed.  Designed with dialogue and investigation in mind, these three workshops will investigate the meeting of institutions, teaching practices and theories.

Workshop 1: Friday 22nd November, 2013, 2-5 pm
For Pedagogic Criticism
Speakers:  Ben Knights, Nicole King, Peter Howarth

Workshop 2: Friday 21st February, 2014, 2-5 pm
Teaching Theory
Speakers: Patricia Waugh, Pamela Thurschwell, Robert Eaglestone,

Workshop 3: Friday 9th May, 2014, 2-5 pm
Pedagogic Criticism and the Future
Speakers: Kristen Kreider, Susan Bruce, Angela Woods

Organisers: Ben Knights and Robert Eaglestone.

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