Call for Papers for a Special Issue of Psychiatric Bulletin: Culturally Informed Psychiatry

Call for Papers for a Special Issue of Psychiatric Bulletin: Culturally Informed Psychiatry

Is psychiatry prepared to respond effectively to the changing agenda of globalisation, migration, sexuality and religion in relation to mental healthcare? Increasing evidence points towards multiple factors – such as culture, language, ethnicity, religion and sexuality – influencing the prognosis, cause, manifestation and course of mental health problems. Such factors can also influence the severity, experience and attribution of illness as well as help-seeking behaviour, coping, adherence and response to treatment during the course of mental and psychological difficulties.

We are planning to produce a special issue of the Psychiatric Bulletin of original empirical studies of both qualitative and quantitative methodology and systematic reviews addressing the substantive issues pertaining to psychiatry. This will include aspects of culture, ethnicity, sexuality, minority status in relation to service use and mental health outcomes.

Key research areas that we are looking for are:
* culturally adapted mental health interventions for at-risk groups
* cultural competence and evidence-based practice in mental healthcare
* ethnicity, religion and sexuality in mental healthcare
* culture-bound syndromes and mental health
* DSM-5, culture and psychiatry.

Relevant submissions from authors from various disciplines including psychology, sociology, anthropology and ethnography are welcome.

Instructions for authors can be found here.   Authors are invited to submit their manuscripts online specifying in a covering letter that they are intended for the special issue on culturally informed psychiatry. All manuscripts must be submitted through the manuscript processing system site. Articles will be freely available through open access and there is no fee for publication. The review process will follow the standard peer-review procedures.

Deadline: Submissions are due by 30 April 2014. The anticipated publication date of
the special issue is in 2014. Please email us with any questions specifying ‘Special issue on culturally informed psychiatry’.


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