Mark the date Dec 11 NSN Symposium on ‘Towards Neuro-Social Science: The Politics and Pragmatics of Collaboration’

Department of Global Health & Social Medicine at King's College, London

When: Thursday December 11th, 9 1m-5 pm
Where: Room 1.71, Franklin Wilkins Building, Waterloo Campus, King’s College London

The more we experiment on and with the human brain and nervous system, the more we realize that our neurobiological inheritances are bound up with cultural, semiotic, bodily, societal and aesthetic ‘webs’ – and vice versa. New forms of exchange between neuroscientists, social scientists, and humanities scholars are emerging, leading to experimentation with concepts  of nature and culture, biology and society, affect and cognition, life and death beyond out-moded ideas of ‘nature versus nurture’. There are, however, few accounts of how such collaborations can or should be done, or of what it is like to experience them. The Neuroscience and Society Network
Symposium will help to close this gap, by exploring the ‘politics  and pragmatics’ of collaboration between the social sciences, humanities and life sciences with researchers invested and engaged in these ‘interdisciplinary’ exchanges. The symposium…

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