An Invitation to Contribute

Bentham Lantern Procession. Photograph: Peter Swan

The CMH blog is a leading source of news and commentary in the medical and health humanities, and has been recognised as one of the top 50 blogs for humanities scholars.

Our aim is to engage as many readers as possible in a conversation about the latest developments in this interdisciplinary field. In addition to calls for papers, conference announcements and other items of interest, we publish a wide range of reviews, reports and ideas pieces on all matters medical humanities.

If you would like to start part of that conversation, we would love to hear from you. Contributions to the Centre for Medical Humanities blog are invited from academic researchers and postgraduates, clinical, healthcare and arts-in-health practitioners, writers and artists – indeed, anyone with insights into questions of medicine and flourishing.

We welcome posts (up to 1000 words) in any of the following formats:

  • Announcements of events, seminars and recent publications
  • Calls for papers
  • Reviews of books, films, exhibitions and conferences
  • Reflections on healthcare policy and practice
  • Short ‘ideas pieces’ profiling current and future research
  • Editorial/opinion pieces, especially on topical issues
  • Photo essays

As the work of previous guest authors Havi Carel, Stephen Pattison, Paul Lazarus, Clive Parkinson, and Anastasia Scrutton attests, blogging is not simply about publicising events or disseminating research but can be itself an academically enriching undertaking.

To join the conversation, please contact Angela Woods.

Please note that we do not publish posts related to medical products or corporate interests of any kind.

You can keep up with what’s happening on the blog via email or RSS subscriptions, or

6 Responses to An Invitation to Contribute

  1. Dear Angela, I have a feedback report from the Interdisciplinary.Net conference on THE PATIENT in Lisbon March 16-18th 2013. It was first advertised here with a call for papers. I had mine accepted and went! It was fascinating…and a warm and welcoming place. I would be happy to share my review of it with you on this blog if you are interested.
    Best wishes,
    Helena Fox
    Consultant Psychiatrist and PhD Student Social Sculpture, Oxford Brookes University

    • Centre for Medical Humanities says:

      Hi Helena – that’s fantastic news – and yes, we would love to publish your review! Just send us an email when it’s ready. Cheers, Angela

  2. Karen Rosica says:

    Does psychology qualify as part of healthcare?
    Do you accept longer essays

  3. Hi there,
    I saw the link to the conference on compassion and decided to explore a little more.
    I think some readers might be interested in the book I wrote on the subject: Compassion Fatigue and Burnout in Nursing: Enhancing Professional Quality of Life, Springer, 2013. The title is a bit misleading; the book is really all about compassion and how it provokes purposeful action. It may be useful for other care professionals since there is a healing model that can be used by everyone to reaffirm purpose in their practice (and daily living-working).

    For more information and also other resources, please see: Thanks.

    Love and light,
    Vidette Todaro-Franceschi, PhD, RN, FT

  4. Arno Görgen says:

    Hi there, I am organizing a Conference on Medical Narratives in Late Modern Popular Culture in Ulm Germany. Officially, the Call Deadline ended yesterday, but as I noticed your blog just today, I wanted to ask you, if you want to post this little symposium with an expanded deadline (January 31st)? Here’s the link to the conference:

    Thank you and happy holidays,

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