Tilery Chronicles

On Feburary 10 2011 the third annual Lantern Parade was held at Tilery Primary School in Stockton-on-Tees.

Click on the Lanterns to read more about the Tilery Chronicles

Mary Robson, the CMH’s associate artist, wrote her about her work with Tilery students, staff, and parents, in a series of blog posts here.

If you would like to share your story or photographs of the Tilery Lantern parade, please leave a comment on one of Mary’s posts, or alternatively email us and we will create a post for you.

5 Responses to Tilery Chronicles

  1. janette gosling says:

    Hi i have some wonderful pics and will post them up soon , im glad we have this site as i feel we should all stay in touch not just at the lantern parade time of year but always .i myself kaliegh, zana, corrie, lisa, joy, and others all help in the school throughtout the year , but we miss all this when its gone so i think it would be lovley for us all to keep in touch throughout the year.

  2. Mary Robson says:

    Thank you, Janette. It would be great to see your photos – perhaps we can start a gallery on this site? Also, tell us your stories from the workshops and the night, and encourage the others to do the same.

  3. janette gosling says:

    Hello Mary ,had some great ideas for next years lanterns , where do i post photo,s up ? is there a link to up load ?, i meant to tell you the story of how my angel come to be an angel, i was going on about taking up basket weaving , and i said to zana , think ill make a basket , so she said yeah you make a basket and we will fill it with flowers for mary and jilly , so i made the bottom circle and attached the uprights , then left it to go and work with someone else, later when i came back to it , i looked at the design and suddenly thought this is an angel , and so i made it into an angel, joy told me people were stood outside my gate waiting to see the parade come onto the estate, she said they could hear the drums but it was so dark at that end of the road they couldn,t see anything, then she said they saw the angel first and she looked like she was high up in the sky ” she actually was ,the size of the pole” but she said i knew you,s were coming when i saw the angel, so i was pleased she had done her job , i was poorly straight after the parade think i must have caught cold, so i didnt get out for a few days, my angel is sitting in the living room waiting to be wired with florists wire to make her strong enough to hold a plant in the garden , here,s hoping it works , fingers crossed, and once again i did my pholosophy in church based around the lantern parade and people all coming together ,
    love janette xxx

    • Mary Robson says:

      Dear Janette
      Thank you for your story – great to hear of the angel lighting the way.
      We are currently investigating how best to set up a gallery – I will let you know asap. Mary x

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