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Postcard from Christchurch

This picture tells a surprising story. I took it a few days ago in Christchurch, NZ, just metres from North Beach, New Brighton, an ocean-side suburb not far from the epicentre of the second of the two earthquakes that hit … Continue reading

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A postcard from Hong Kong

In my recent posting on this blog I briefly described an excellent conference at Hong Kong University (HKU) on the theme of ‘Music and the Body.’ The three days that it occupied so intensively left little room for anything much … Continue reading

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Music and the body: Review of a Conference at Hong Kong University’s Centre for the Humanities and Medicine and Department of Music, 9-11 March 2012

As if visiting an extraordinary city like Hong Kong for the first time were not pleasure enough, it was a treat to have an unusually gratifying excuse to do so in the form of participating in this timely, unusual and … Continue reading

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Luminous Words: Wonder (from Thinking about Health)

Wonder, wondering and states of wonder abide among life’s joys. Like humour, health, music or poetry, wonder requires no justification; but unlike them – unlike even health – we do not ourselves make wonder: rather we stumble upon it. Wonder … Continue reading

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Medical Humanities International Research Colloquium

Medical Humanities International Research Colloquium St Chad’s College, Durham 16-19 September 2011 Medical humanities’ development as a field of enquiry has – quite rightly – been fairly organic and spontaneous, reflecting what its scholars have found interesting and important. Such … Continue reading

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Nine go med [-ical humanities] in Cromarty

They did it again… By which I mean that the many-nationed group of medical humanities free-spirits who have embraced the job of producing the Medical Humanities Companion series met up again this week (5th to 8th July 2011), and in … Continue reading

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Martyn Evans’ New Zealand Travelogue – Part 6, The Grand Finale

Saturday, April 16: This is my last, and perhaps briefest, entry for this trip – and, given the circumstances of its being drafted (on the long haul home) it will be rather late appearing on the CMH website. The place … Continue reading

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