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The Cultural History of Exhaustion – Review

This review of the Exhaustion conference appeared on the fantastic Sleep Cultures blog: “On 25 October 2013, the University of Kent hosted a one-day interdisciplinary conference on exhaustion, organized by Anna Katharina Schaffner (Comparative Literature, Kent) and funded by the … Continue reading

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What Twins Can Teach Us

Originally posted on READ: Research in English At Durham:
How have twins been viewed throughout history? Why do twins continue to fascinate us today? In this research conversation, Will Viney outlines his new research project, which aims to show the…

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Disability and Fashionable Diseases in Literature and Culture, 14 November, 2013

Originally posted on Leeds Centre for Medical Humanities:
We are pleased to announce an upcoming event as part of the Leverhulme-funded project ‘Fashionable Diseases: Medicine, Literature and Culture, 1660-1832,’ run by the Universities of Northumbria and Newcastle. Disability and Fashionable…

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Janis H. Jenkins on ‘Tangible Experience of the Extraordinary and the Ordinary: Psychosis as a Fundamental Human Process’, Joint Special Interest Group for Psychosis (Durham University, 18 September 2013)

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Tipping Points at British Science Festival 2013

Originally posted on Tipping Points:
IHRR is pleased to announce that the Tipping Points project will be participating in the British Science Festival in September with the following Main Programme event: Tipping Points in Nature and Society Date/Time: 11 September, Wednesday 12.30-14.00 Location:…

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Medical breakthroughs missed because of pointless drug bans: David Nutt (The Conversation)

By David Nutt, Imperial College London. First published in The Conversation. In 1632 the Catholic Church convened a case against Galileo on the grounds that his work using the telescope to explore the nature of the heavens contradicted the church’s … Continue reading

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‘What is Dragon’s Blood? And where do I get some?’

Originally posted on Kelley Swain:
Photo c/o Babs Guthrie; L – R, background, Anna Maerker; Kelley Swain, Henrike Scholten, Babs Guthrie; foreground, Eleanor Crook and assorted waxworks. The above title/quote is one of the comments left in the guest book…

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DSM Shaped Hole in My Heart

Originally posted on Malingering Normal:
The pretend credibility of the DSM has been picked apart by all sides, leaving some wondering if they should wait to buy their purple beast on clearance before it’s shipped off to the incinerator of…

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First public conference: Terror and Joy combined

Originally posted on Belledelettres's Blog:
What? Understanding Human Flourishing, Postgraduate Conference Where? Holgate Centre, Grey College, Durham University When? 16/17 May 2013 Who? A wonderful mixture of people from a variety of different disciplines Why? Learning, presenting, networking, eating,…

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