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“Polevault”: Audiowalk on Mental Illness & Infanticide linked to canals

Professor Hilary Marland recently collaborated with Talking Birds as part of the ‘Polevault’ endeavour linked to their Olympic project: ‘Decathlon 2012’, providing commentary on mental illness and infanticide linked to canals. The project culminated in a downloadable ‘audio walk’ including the story of Elizabeth Barnwell, who was … Continue reading

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Healing Words: A Meditation on Poetry and Recovery from Mental Illness

This is a brief extract from an essay by Sandy Jeffs and Susan Pepper entitled “Healing Words: A Meditation on Poetry and Recovery from Mental Illness” published in The Arts in Psychotherapy (2005). Sandy Jeffs is an Australian poet and … Continue reading

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Disability, mental capacity, medical humanities & the law

Next week, I will be co-running — with Jillian Craigie and Oliver Lewis — the first of two workshops that comprise a collaboration between the Centre for Medical Humanities at Durham University with the Centre for Philosophy, Justice and Health (UCL) and … Continue reading

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‘Recovery’ in mental health: who judges, on what grounds, with what evidence, and which arguments?

The medical humanities have contributed greatly to research that addresses – conceptually, historically and empirically – whose perspective(s) are (and should be) privileged when judging the contours of illness and health. One research arena in which these questions currently have … Continue reading

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Do people diagnosed with schizophrenia deserve organs?

A breath-taking state of affairs Like most people working in the field of mental health, I am well aware of the stigma associated with schizophrenia as well as the appalling 15-20 year reduction in life expectancy that people with this … Continue reading

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Narrative, Stigma and Mental Illness (Workshop, Northumbria University, 23 February 2012)

Northumbria University’s Situating States of Mind Research Group presents: Narrative, Stigma and Mental Illness: One day workshop Thursday 23rd February, 10.30-3.30, Lipman 121 Speakers include: Dr. Peter Barham, Clinical Psychologist, Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine, Oxford University Dr. … Continue reading

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