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Hitching Arts in Health on the Road to Nowhere

Mike White writes: The country road in Australia is mostly A to B straight on and can seem to traverse interplanetary distance.  Crossing the aboriginal lands of ‘first nation’ people, however, it is a road to nowhere as highlighted in … Continue reading

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Justice, Genes and Welfare: Are Intergenerational relationships toxic?

Francis Thirlway reports on the BSA Family Studies Group and Youth Studies Group Seminar “Justice, Genes and Welfare: Are Intergenerational relationships toxic?” (28 Nov 2013): Intergenerational relations increasingly seem to be called into question in contemporary society, highlighted as centrally … Continue reading

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Medical humanities at ESGO – the European Society for Gynaecological Cancer

I’m just returning from what might be a medical humanities first.  I was invited by John Green, an oncologist with an interest in medical humanities at the University of Liverpool, to address the biannual conference of the European Society for … Continue reading

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Review of the Western Michigan 3rd Annual Medical Humanities Conference

Sarah Wieten, PhD student at the University of South Florida, writes: At the end of September the University of Western Michigan in Kalamazoo, Michigan welcomed over 100 presenters and participants to the 3rd annual Medical Humanities Conference. With many veteran … Continue reading

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Art in the Asylum: Preservation & Transformations

Dr Victoria Tischler, Associate Professor in Behavioural Sciences. Division of Psychiatry and Applied Psychology, University of Nottingham, and curator of ‘Art in the Asylum: creativity and the evolution of psychiatry’ reflects on this exhibition. Art in the Asylum: preservation and transformations The … Continue reading

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Review – Desert Runners (2013)

Some materialists are fond of pointing out that we are things among countless other human and non-human things. Composed of all that cellular stuff, we are never quite ourselves, never exactly contemporary with every aspect of what we might call … Continue reading

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H-Madness Book Review – Robert Whitaker, Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America (Crown 2010) (via h-madness)

A terrific review from the H-Madness, the History of Psychiatry Blog, to be read in conjunction with Marcia Angell’s recent extended review essay, The Epidemic of Mental Illness: Why?, in the New York Review of Books, and Ethan Watter’s 2010 … Continue reading

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