‘Attentive Writers’: Healthcare, Authorship, and Authority (Registration Now Open, University of Glasgow, 23-­25 August 2013)

We’re delighted to announce that registration for the conference, ‘Attentive Writers’: Healthcare, Authorship, and Authority, has opened. The conference will be hosted by the Medical Humanities Research Centre at the University of Glasgow from 23-25 August 2013.

The plenary speakers will be:

  • Professor Rita Charon (Columbia University): ‘To Write is to Undergo’
  • Professor Paul Crawford (University of Nottingham): ‘Treating fictions: Are patients real?’
  • Professor G. Thomas Couser (Hofstra University): ‘Vulnerable Subjects’
  • Darryl Cunningham: ‘Cartooning, Creativity, and Mental Health’

We are looking forward to welcoming speakers from a wide range of clinical, creative, academic, and service-user backgrounds.

The registration form and the draft programme are available on the conference website here.

About Centre for Medical Humanities

Centre for Medical Humanities
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